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Circle of Courage

Circle of Courage Information

The Circle of Courage philosophy is an integral part of everything we do at Chester Ronning. The focus is on developing the whole child and developing a strong sense of community. The Circle of Courage was adopted and adapted by Chester Ronning School as a model for educational practices in 1999. It has since become the foundation for our “Culture of Success” as described in that document (See “About: Culture of Success”).

Belonging Is a significant sense of community, of welcoming and caring for others, and of being loved and cared about.

​Mastery Is being competent in our mental, physical, social, and spiritual selves. It is striving to achieve our personal best. 

Independence Is the power to make choices and be responsible for them, set personal goals, and establish and strengthen self-discipline.  

Generosity Is the virtue of caring and finding a purpose beyond oneself, by offering service to others and community.